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how to build a vegan charcuterie board

Charcuterie boards are perfect for a light meal when you’ve had a big lunch, or something to nosh on pre-dinner when entertaining. Traditional charcuterie boards are easy—you buy an array of meats and cheeses, some soft, some medium, some hard…throw in crackers, olives and perhaps seasonal fruit. Vegan charcuterie boards can be a little tricky—I tend to lean toward Mediterranean fare when preparing them.

chichory salad with blood orange, apple & fennel

This bright, crisp salad is the perfect antidote for the gray winter months.  When the weather is as dry as it's been, I tend to crave more hydrating foods, and roasted winter vegetables just don't cut it.  I need something juicy and refreshing, albeit seasonal.  At this time of the year, there are some wonderful citrus fruits available: meyer lemons, blood oranges (and oranges all sorts), grapefruits, and other colorful fruits such as pomegranate and several apple varieties.