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5-day meal plan + grocery list | june

Happy June! Here’ another 5-day meal plan for this week or next. You can pick and choose which day you want to cook each recipe. For example, if you’re avocados are ripe, you may want to move up the avocado toast to earlier in the week. All the recipes outlined in this meal plan are quick—most take about 20 mintues, some 30 (including inactive cooking time) to get on the table. Enjoy!

5-day meal plan + grocery list | may

I'm not someone who does an entire day of meal prep at the start of the week. I usually don't even plan out my meals. Of course, I do have a few repeat offenders that I cook from week to week that guide my shopping. But other than that, I just buy produce that looks good at the market, or whatever I’m craving at the moment, then look up a recipe later at home. It’s likely that all these items are showing up at your farmers’ market or local grocery store. If not, I have made options for substitutions in the downloadable grocery list included in the post. Once you get your groceries, you can pick and choose what days you want to cook, leaving room for flexibility.

meal plan, 11.14.18

I’m not a big meal planner per se—I like going to the farmer’s market with an open-mind, talking to the vendors about what’s good and finding new or different ingredients to cook with. Some of my best dishes were created without any recipes, just intuitive cooking. Friends and family ask what I cook during the week or when I’m not documenting my recipes, so I thought I’d share! Here’s what I bought at the market this week and how I plan to use the ingredients.