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pomegranate and pistachio breakfast toast

Fall’s here and just like that, berries and peaches are gone from the markets and pomegranates, apples and grapes are a plenty. Although I’ll miss the vibrant summer produce, here’s a little piece of heaven that comes together with five ingredients—two pieces of toasted bread, a slab of nut butter, a sprinkling of pistachios and pomegranate seeds, and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup. Badda-bing, badda-boom.

homemade almond butter

Spoon it. Spread it. Dip it.

There are many ways to consume almond butter and I participate in ALL OF THEM. It’s no longer recreational; I’m addicted. And, like many things, once you go homemade you’ll never go back. Almond butter is the perfect addition to overnight oats, this nut & seed bread or perhaps a rice cake with sea salt flakes…you can eat a spoonful as a snack or spread some on an apple or celery stick—the possibilities are limitless! Add in any additional ingredients you fancy—sea salt, maple syrup, honey or cinnamon. But it’s nice to keep it simple, and add the other stuff later depending on what you feel like. Do you want something savory or sweet? That may change from day to day so it’s nice to keep your options open.

healthy breakfast muffins {v+gf}

You know when you want to impress others by baking something yummy but just don’t feel like putting forth too much effort? Or you want something warm and cozy for breakfast but also healthy-ish? Or if you’re like me and stocked up on the last peaches of the season and are wondering how to implement them into yet another recipe—this one’s for you kid! These peach and almond breakfast muffins are easy to make, subtlety sweet, nutty and downright delightful. Eat them straight out of the oven or with a little “butter” or butter. Perhaps drizzle some honey or maple syrup over the top for some added sweetness?!

fig crumble bars

Soft, slightly sweet crumble bars with golden, lightly crisped edges (for those who like the corner pieces!). Kind of like cookies, but with more depth and less guilt. Eat these bars for breakfast, an afternoon delight or post-dinner treat a la mode. Sub any ripened fruit you like!

superfood smoothie with seed cycling

What do you make when you want to eat veggies but don't realllllyyy want to eat veggies? When it's hot and you need something refreshing but also filling?  When you feel like you should make something healthy, but just can't put forth the effort to chop and prep or clean up after yourself? Smoothies! Smoothies are my friend and they can be yours too.  Don't think too much, just toss it all in the blender and and drink up.

nut & seed loaf {gf +v}

Nut & seed loaf—Bread? Check. Low-carb? Check. Vegan and gluten-free? Check, check! Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. All day. Every day. Slab a heap of nut butter on top, followed by fresh berries and a drizzle of maple syrup in the morn’.  Smash an avocado on there, finished with sea salt and fresh ground pepper in the afternoon. Use it to scoop up a big bite of saucy-deliciousness in the evening. This is your vehicle and the world is your oyster.

wild mushroom toast

I discovered this recipe one morning with The New York Times in one hand and a bad attitude in the other...coupled by a strong desire to be glued to the couch.   The ingredients were already in my possession and I realized that I could cook dinner without ever having to leave the house. Alas mushroom toast, you became my best new friend!

Sometimes you have those days where you just. can't. do. anything.    It's too cold outside to leave the house, you slept poorly the night before, or you're simply tired from a day's work.  For whatever reason, everything not only seems hard, but is really hard. When you're feeling down or unmotivated, mushroom toast can be your best friend too.  [I hear they're also good for you...]


cacao & coconut energy bites

Since we left Santa Fe last week, we've been road trippin' all over the place.  We did a nine hour drive from New Mexico, up through Colorado Springs and Denver, to Scottsbluff, Nebraska, where we'll be staying in a hotel for the next couple weeks.  This past weekend we saw the evolving Crazy Horse Memorial and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota ('cause why not?!).  We drove through the historic town of Deadwood and stayed in an off-grid house in a little town called Spearfish.  Why you ask?  Because they marketed a pizza oven on their listing and therefore we could make our traditional Sunday pizza (turned out more interesting than traditional).  Since there's not much [of anything] here in Nebraska, and I have no kitchen to cook the day away, we've committed to exploring on the weekends and staying in Airbnb's where we can prepare food for the week. The hardest part about traveling is staying on a consistent diet to avoid tummy troubles.  Because I have such a sensitive stomach, I always make sure to bring along healthy food that I can eat in a pinch.  These energy bites have fueled us through our recent travels, and I'm a little depressed that we've just finished the last of 'em.

almond-cashew golden milk with chai

I love collecting little cups and bowls from different places, and I recently discovered one to add to the collection at the Georgia O'Keeffe museum in downtown Santa Fe. It's handmade out of stoneware clay and has a thumb indent (hence the name "thumb-cup") so it fits perfectly in your hand. 

Along with the debut of my new favorite cup, here is a delicious, wholesome recipe for almond-cashew golden milk with chai--it's a mouthful of goodness!  It may seem a bit wintry, but it's just as tasty served cold, and oh so good you. 

My best friend Heather came to visit me this past week and we got to talking about homemade nut milk.  I reiterated how simple it is to make and promised to walk her through it.  Lately I've been into making almond-macadamia milk, but alas, I was out of macadamia nuts and Heather mentioned that they're too expensive to buy anyhow, good point.  So, improvise we did!  We ended up making a creamy almond-cashew milk, softly sweetened with a few dates.  Of course you could substitute any milk or milk alternative of your choice. 

popped quinoa granola

I came across this recipe in The New York Times that called for popped quinoa in granola and I was sold!  Popped quinoa just sounds fun to say.  I've been making the same granola for about seven months now, so it's high time for a change.  I wanted something a bit lighter for the summer, with less nuts and more grains.  With a few adjustments from the original, this recipe is a hit! 

Depending on what nuts and seeds tickle your fancy, you can swap in or out what you like, as long as you keep the ratios the same.  I used sunflower seeds, but you could certainly use pepita or pumpkin seeds as well.  Since Joshua is usually the one who eats most of the granola (too many oats gives me a belly ache), I asked him what kind of nuts he'd prefer--almonds and walnuts it is! But I think it would also be great with cashews, or perhaps pecans as the original recipe suggests?  


Depending on what nuts and seeds tickle your fancy, you can swap in or out whatever you like, as long as you keep the ratios the same.  I used sunflower seeds, but you could certainly use pepita or pumpkin seeds as well.  Since Joshua is usually the one who eats most of the granola (I can't eat too many oats), I asked him what kind of nuts he wanted--he chose almonds and walnuts. But I think it would also be great with cashews, or as the original recipe suggests, pecans.


no bake almond pulp, coconut + cardamom energy bites

I've been curious about making energy balls, but always thought they were more complicated.  But au contraire, they're quick and easy, and very forgiving as long as you have a mixture that is not too dry and tastes good.  You can get creative in how you choose to coat the energy balls--hemp seed, desiccated coconut, sesame seeds, cocoa powder, you name it!

The best part is that they require no baking and no extra accoutrements--they are the quintessential healthy, grab-and-go food.  Be advised: these suckers are delicious and easy to pop in your mouth one after the other, so pace yourself.