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almond-cashew golden milk with chai

I love collecting little cups and bowls from different places, and I recently discovered one to add to the collection at the Georgia O'Keeffe museum in downtown Santa Fe. It's handmade out of stoneware clay and has a thumb indent (hence the name "thumb-cup") so it fits perfectly in your hand. 

Along with the debut of my new favorite cup, here is a delicious, wholesome recipe for almond-cashew golden milk with chai--it's a mouthful of goodness!  It may seem a bit wintry, but it's just as tasty served cold, and oh so good you. 

My best friend Heather came to visit me this past week and we got to talking about homemade nut milk.  I reiterated how simple it is to make and promised to walk her through it.  Lately I've been into making almond-macadamia milk, but alas, I was out of macadamia nuts and Heather mentioned that they're too expensive to buy anyhow, good point.  So, improvise we did!  We ended up making a creamy almond-cashew milk, softly sweetened with a few dates.  Of course you could substitute any milk or milk alternative of your choice. 

how to make pour over coffee

In the last three years Joshua and I have become somewhat of coffee aficionados.  The specificity for our coffee has sparked comments from our family that we are annoyingly picky. Sometimes I long for the good old days when we weren't so particular--any decent cup of coffee from Peet's or Whole Foods would do.  Nowadays, when we go on road trips, we lug along our various coffee accoutrements--we even have a portable hand grinder!

Although the pour over method is more time consuming than an automated coffee machine, the process has become almost spiritual and an important part of our morning ritual.  The time and care that goes into our handmade coffee makes us truly appreciate it.  Not to mention, the taste is incredible.  Mmmmmm, just writing about it brings me back to the Kenyan Roast we sipped this morning.