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5 easy steps to organizing a utensil drawer

5 easy steps to organizing a utensil drawer

There's nothing like an orderly space that gives me a sense of calm and piece of mind.  So, in the name of peace, I tackle disorganization and chaos one drawer at a time.

I usually clean out my kitchen drawers at least a few times a year, perhaps once a month.  I love to cook, so little crumbs and schmutz tend to sneak their way in.  If you're in the process of a late spring cleaning, and are a bit overwhelmed,  start with baby steps.  Organize a drawer here a cupboard there, small progress can make a huge difference and help you get into the organizing groove.

Although this post is geared toward organizing a utensil drawer, you can use these steps to organize your silverware drawer, office drawer, and most drawers really!  Below is a list of tools you will need to get started.


drawer liner


cleaning spray

rags or paper towels

drawer dividers

organizers for small utensils



1. Pull everything out and clean. If you have a drawer liner in their already (good job, you're ahead of the game!), pull that for cleaning too. Use an all-purpose cleaner and a rag, or paper towels, to wipe down the inside of the drawer.

2.  Sort items.  Make two piles: donate and keep.  Place anything you are getting rid of in a bag to donate.  Set the keepers aside to organize later. 

3. Measure and cut a piece of liner; place it inside the drawer.

4.  Evaluate & measure the utensils designated for the drawer.  Use extra drawer organizers and dividers lying around the house, or purchase them if necessary.  Just make sure you measure the drawer and utensils first, before buying anything!  The white dividers displayed above are nice because they expand to fit any sized drawer.  These mesh organizers come in different sizes, and are great for containing loose items.

5.  Finally, insert drawer organizers and arrange utensils inside.    Organizing is an ongoing process, and it may take some trial and error before finding a system that works, so be patient.

blistered shishito peppers

blistered shishito peppers

butternut squash socca (farinata) bread

butternut squash socca (farinata) bread