Hello, my name is Mary.


Hi there! My name is Mary. I love cooking healthy recipes, sharing travel experiences, organizing escapades, and ideas for a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Most of the time I am living in Los Angeles with my husband, Joshua, and our two dogs, Billy and Lola. But we usually travel for work a few months out of the year.

I eat vegetarian and gluten-free, although the recipes on my website are mostly plant-based. I often give substitutions to make a recipe vegetarian rather than vegan. While I know what works best for me, I do think it's important to enjoy life and not fuss too much over any one thing.  Restriction can be unhealthy and I think the motto everything in moderation is a good one to live by.

The inspiration for Make Mary originated while living abroad in Europe for several months.  We started documenting our recipes, favorite places for coffee, drinks and food.  I also started getting interested in photography.