Hello, my name is Mary.


Most of the time, I live in Los Angeles with my husband Joshua and our two dogs, Billy and Lola.  I love cooking, sharing travel experiences, organizing escapades, and ideas that promote a healthy and happy lifestyle.  My husband and I live as minimalists and try to do our part as best we can, even if it's as simple as smiling and saying hello to passersby. 

We eat mostly a plant-based and vegetarian diet because it makes us feel good and we're conscious of our impact on the environment.   Another big reason is that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and dairy and meat just don't sit well with me.  Although, I do love cheese, especially with wine, and splurge on the weekends when we make our Sunday night pizzas.  I also love fish, but only eat it on special occasions because I am concerned with over-fishing practices and the harm we do to our beautiful ocean and the creatures inside of it.   

While I know what works best for me, I do think it's important to enjoy life and not fuss too much over any one thing.  With that said, the recipes featured on Make Mary are mostly plant-based, all gluten-free and mostly dairy-free.  However, I usually offer suggestions for those who are not. 

Joshua's work allows us to travel all around the world, sometimes for an extended period of time. Actually, the inspiration for Make Mary originated while living abroad in Europe for several months.  We started documenting our favorite places for coffee, drinks, and fresh fare.  I also started honing my craft of cooking and creating new recipes.

I have a lot of family and friends with dietary needs who often ask for my recipes and advice on organizing, beauty products and suggestions for travel.  I thought it would be helpful to share these ideas in one space.  Please enjoy!

xo Mary